mr_rockKeyStaff’s pet rocks are our marketing mascots. Learn more about our rocks and use our care instructions for best results.

Less Mess!
““Slobbering, shedding and chewing”, oh my! These certainly are scary situations presented by most pets, and other staffing vendors can sometimes be equally scary. KeyStaff and your pet rock stand apart because they don’t create any of this mess. Simplicity and efficiency at their finest: these terms perfectly describe the services both KeyStaff and your pet provide. A lovely, low maintenance creature, your rock will only require a little TLC, but nothing involving a scoop or shovel.

Great Listeners!
Although some pet rocks may lack ears, no need to worry! Your pet will always listen with his/her heart, just as KeyStaff will listen to, understand, and actively address all personnel needs to benefit your business.

Unparalleled Loyalty!
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can always count on both KeyStaff and your pet rock to be there. Both will offer unparalleled loyalty because they value the mutually beneficial relationships they’ve developed with you and your business.

Similar to KeyStaff’s ability to assess your business’s personnel situation, provide quality candidates that suit your needs, and manage any and all human resource situations, your pet rock is certainly a versatile creature. Even when center stage, your pet rock has the ability to entertain others, put on a happy face, and listen to your problems. Amazing aren’t they? Give them a try today!